The man behind Concept is Jeroen Wiersma. After a completed study Computer Science at Technische Universiteit Twente (1994) and positions in the project management of a large engineering firm and IT manager for a manufacturer of printing presses, he started Concept Informatiebeleid & Automatisering in 2001.

Completed assignments

T-Systems (2012 – 2022)

Fulfilled as Solution Architect the role of “technical conscience” of the account (or opportunity during RFI/RFP phases) for various end customers when they purchased Managed Cloud Services from T-Systems. In this role responsible for designing (including costing and pricing), building and migration to the agreed cloud platforms.

These T-Systems Managed Cloud Services are always designed with high availability and Disaster-Recovery options for both the network and the compute part. These services are typically used as underlying layer for mission-critical applications for very large companies.

Several Small Businesses (2001 - 2012)

Provide complete ICT services for approximately 15 smaller companies with between 1 and 70 workplaces. This concerned the sale of hardware (network equipment, servers, workstations, printers), installation and maintenance of Microsoft products in particular and end-user support.

Areas of expertise

Jeroen has extensive knowledge and experience in the following areas:

Network infrastructure
  • WAN / Internet connections
  • Firewalls / Routers
  • VPN connections
  • Load balancing
  • Software Defined Networking (NSX)
  • Hypervisors (including VMware, Oracle VM)
  • Operating systems (Windows, Linux)
  • Databases